Creators Awhi builds on the 14-year foundation laid by New Zealand home-based education organisation 'Footsteps'. In 2015 we. Creators Educational Trust, acquired Footsteps, and as of April 2016, we changed our name to 'Creators Awhi!'. Here are some testimonials from our programme:


Thank you so much Footsteps Education for everything you have done for Terrance and I. You have given us some cool activities to try within the home and you've given me the confidence to get down to his level and engage with him. It's made the bond between us so much stronger and I really appreciate it.

Debbie, Gisborne

I love Footsteps!! The different learning resources provided each month are exactly what my daughter needs to be stimulated and learn through play.

Sabah Lee

Thanks so much to our fantastic teacher. You have made a difference to my life and to the lives of my family.

Christine, Auckland

We find the Footsteps service to be encouraging and uplifting.  It is a positive reminder of the input required at different stages to stimulate my granddaughter, Stephani, through her learning. Working with our teacher, is such a blessing.  She is capable, friendly, well educated and always arrives on time!  The visits are flexible so I can schedule them at times that suit me. Whenever our teacher visits she brings interesting resources which is always exciting for us to look forward to.

Anelle, Tauranga

We feel fortunate to be part of this amazing Footsteps programme. As a mum recently re-entering the workforce after maternity leave, the two priorities for me have been ensuring Louis and Bess are cared for by a responsible, thoughtful person in our home and that the caregiver has all they need to ensure Louis and Bess’s developmental progress is maintained. We’re thrilled to have access to a quality organisation like Footsteps in Wanaka. Our caregiver is now supported with resources and ideas to keep my children amused and thriving. As parents we can rest easy, as we know they are in fantastic hands.

Amanda, Wanaka

It has been a wonderful journey, watching our son grow and develop under the very caring and supportive teachers at Footsteps. We have learned so much from our teacher and we value her positive input with regards to our son. She provides resources and ideas on how to extend his learning as well as photographs for great learning stories about her visit and his achievements from the previous month. I believe that children, caregivers and parents can benefit greatly from ‘Footsteps’. The staff are always friendly and very supportive. Our son loves the day when we tell him that his teacher is coming to visit.

Brenda, Gore

I would like to express my gratitude to our Footsteps teacher in Northland who has inspired my three year old to embrace her learning journey in life. With a nudge here and there, right books at right time, vision of where the learning experience was going to take her, not to mention the toys and activities that changed every month to keep interest alive. All various aspects of my child’s learning was given a gentle start and now she is running with her knowledge in confidence. Thank you Footsteps I will spread the word as it would be great if as many children as possible nationwide could avail of this amazing service.”

Clare, Northland

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