Why Choose Creators Awhi

learning to bake in the home kitchen

Why become a Creators Awhi learning and behaviour specialist?

We partner with learning and behaviour specialists, nannies/au pairs, grandparents, and whānau carers to make a significant difference in the future of the children you care for. Together with you and your assigned teacher, Creators Awhi is committed to understanding and working with each child individually around their unique interests and needs. To us this is child-first learning.

It takes a unique person to help raise a child. We value the important role our educators play in creating a life long love of learning through nurturing the child’s interests.

Creators Awhi Education Aotearoa is a nationwide organisation providing unique, home-based learning during the crucial early years of a child’s development, from birth to five years. We understand our shared social responsibility and see first-hand that early childhood education can be a great catalyst for change.

The Creators Awhi Education programme is designed to work with home learning and behaviour specialists by offering additional learning resources, knowledge and support. We want to partner with people who are passionate about the care and education of children and can provide a safe and nurturing home environment.

What can Creators Awhi offer you?

  • Expert advice providing knowledge and support to assist in areas such as difficult behaviour, stages of development, and attachment.
  • Specialised one-to-one educational support from a qualified early childhood teacher.
  • Monthly resources specific to each child’s unique interests.
  • Your teacher will record the child’s progress in a Learning Journey, allowing you to concentrate on doing what you love!
  • Connection with other learning and behaviour specialists through community playgroups.
  • Access to our Creators Awhi learning and behaviour specialists' forum and updates through our learning and behaviour specialist magazine – ‘Your Creators Awhi’.
  • If you are a stay-at-home mum, support to begin your career.

Looking for more children to care for?

  • Assistance in matching you with parents in your area who are looking for a learning and behaviour specialist.
  • Access to marketing materials if you’d like assistance in growing your business.
  • Opportunities to network in your area.

If you'd like to begin your career with Creators Awhi Education Aotearoa, please contact our support team to learn more about what we can offer you, or simply apply online now.