Creators Awhi builds on the 14-year foundation laid by New Zealand home-based education organisation 'Footsteps'. In 2015 we. Creators Educational Trust, acquired Footsteps, and as of April 2016, we changed our name to 'Creators Awhi!'. Here are some testimonials from our programme:


I have been a Footsteps educator for a few years now and I wouldn't change a thing. The Footsteps team have been so helpful and supportive and value both the children and their educator's. It has given me the opportunity to be there for my own children while doing what I love and enjoy, watching, supporting children learn all while being with happy healthy kids. My Footsteps teacher,Yvette, is absolutely brilliant. The children look forward to her monthly visits and she always has fun and interesting resources that are a hit. She will always go above and beyond to support both the children and myself.

Alana, Dunedin

Through being a Footsteps educator I am able to stay at home with my child and watch her grow. It is an opportunity to meet other parents and educators in my community. I know with Footsteps that I get amazing support for both the children and myself. We enjoy receiving different resources each month and reading the Learning Journeys. 

Leisa Clark, Footsteps Registered Educator, Cromwell

I look after my grandson Nathan and we have been enrolled in Footsteps for the past 2 years. We are visited regularly by our Footsteps early childhood teacher who brings along new age-appropriate resources each month. She takes notice of Nathan's current interests and tailors what she brings for him. 

Every month she writes a Learning Journey which includes what Nathan has been doing: his play interests, his language developments, outings, and some photographs. 

Our teacher also brings along resource sheets on various subjects that are a big help for me; like how to use household items to make resources/activities e.g. flour, baking soda, plastic bottle lids, nature etc. I also appreciate that she is available to answer any of my questions about learning and development, and offer suggestions for encouraging different skills such as how to include literacy and numeracy during play. The other day she was able to tell me tactfully that I was a little too eager to jump in and help Nathan with tasks - hopefully, my behaviour has improved ;-)

Footsteps recently paid for me to attend a St John's Child First Aid course which is a valuable skill to have.

Nathan and I enjoy the group outings that Footsteps put on for other educators and children in our area such as visits to the fire station, diggers and picnics.

We always look forward to our Footsteps visits; it's lots of fun, a big savings on resources, and a big help for me!

Kelley Gardner, Dunedin

I have found our teacher very helpful and supportive. She is always encouraging of what I am doing and always has suggestions of new things to do. I would have no hesitation in recommending Footsteps as a way of supporting a child who is receiving home based care. My grandson so looks forward to his teacher's visits. He chats away to her, showing her his new toys and how they operate! She often takes photos of Rueben's activities and on her return visit brings a photo story to accompany them. He loves these and will make comments about what he sees.

Marie, Wellington

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