Winter play – ideas to chase away the winter blues

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winter learning ideas

Well, we certainly have been having some cold days. This is the type of weather my Grandmother would come to me to check that I was wearing a singlet so my “kidney’s didn’t catch a cold”. While I am not sure of the medical accurateness of this, there are often concerns about children playing outside in the winter. Children really need outdoor play so it is just a case of being prepared. “There is no bad weather just bad clothing” as the saying goes. Put on some warm layers and add boots, coats and hats and go out for a…Read more

Toilet training without the stress

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Little asian girl playing with wooden toy

Toilet training is often starting to be considered about the same time that children start to strive for more independence and begin to test limits. This can become a stressful time for child and adult. From age 18 months it is very much a “me do it” phase and children want things to be done their way and in their time. This is why if there is too much stress or overemphasis on using the toilet it can very quickly become a negative experience for your child and a ‘battle’. So how to make this a normal part of development? Ten…Read more

Speech development

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Child and educator creating learning experiences

Why is my child not talking? In my experience as a Creators Awhi home-based early childhood teacher, one of the most common worries parents share is about their child’s speech and language development. There can be a big variation in development between children because of environment, genetics, health, and special needs. What is expected speech language development, and when should you follow up on a concern? How do children acquire language? Language acquisition takes time and practice. Children learn language through natural interaction with caring people in everyday settings. Parents are their children’s best teachers. The rule here is ‘the…Read more